Skyrim Dragonborn & Dawnguard: How Are PS3 Fans Coping?

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If you are ask any owner of Skyrim on the Xbox 360 they will tell you just how great Dawnguard is. Skyrim is also available on the PS3, however Dawnguard isn’t, nor are other expansion packs believed to be coming to it anytime soon. So the question is just how are PS3 Skyrim fans coping with this?

PR: Skyrim PS3 fans looking at Xbox 360 due to lack of new DLC

It appears that some owners of the PS3 are going out and getting the Xbox 360 just so they can play the expansion. The folks over at Product-Reviews (PR) reports that when these PS3 users bought Skyrim they assumed that they would get Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC when they were released. However at the moment they are only for the Xbox 360.

This may be hasty on their part as sooner or later the expansion will come to the PS3. However at this moment in time there hasn’t been any confirmation, although Bethesda has said that new content is coming to the PS3. Whether this is Dragonborn or Dawnguard or something else is unknown at this moment.

It was said that one of the reasons why the expansion hadn’t come out on the PS3 was due to a lack of RAM. However there are other more graphic intensive games that work with the same amount of RAM You do have to consider the fact that in the past Bethesda have been slow when it comes to offering new content for the PS3 and even the PC.

Pete Hines has said that he has to get permission before making any announcement on Twitter regarding PS3 updates anymore. However if the expansion wasn’t going to be released on PS3 then surely he would have come right out and told everyone instead of waiting for the green light, wouldn’t he?

So the question is, will you be heading over to the Xbox 360 like PR reports so many PS3 users have? Or will you stick with the PS3 and wait?

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