Skyrim DLC: Redguard Or Twilight?

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The rumours surrounding Skyrim redguard are running wild on the internet and over at S&R they have an idea for the 4th Skyrim DLC and it is not related to Redguards.

They believe that there should be should the return of werewolves and vampires again in Solstheim. For instance the people of Raven Rock could prepare for a celebration of the eclipse and werewolves use the same eclipse to run wild. This leaves the vampires to run riot in the town. You could choose to help the people of the town or join the celebration and become a vampire and feed on the town.

You may have companions help to watch the town or they may be on the side of the werewolves.

In regards to the blades they could help to recruit or they could even recruite dragons. This would depend on the path that was picked.

Words of power may be unlocked and these could be mixed so as to create new shouts.

There may be the option of forging Blades armour and this could include swords and ever handing over the two handed Katana.

This might be a Skyrim DLC and there could be a town that was built around property in Hearthfire. People might start out with tents and then expand to building houses or even whole communities.

The town that is built may become the capital of the hold and you are then free to be Jarl.

So does this sound like a good idea for a 4th Skyrim DLC?

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