Skyrim DLC: Forget Redguard, DeathClaws Summoned! [SR]

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In Fallout 3 there was a beast that had the deadliest claws and it was a beast that all gamers feared.

When people came upon the beast they would run away. They call the creature Deathclaws and now the folks over at say that Skyrim could do with such a beast in their next DLC to come after Dragonborn.

So why does Skyrim want a monster? The blog says that there isn’t a creature in Skyrim that strikes fear into the hearts of those playing that you would want to avoid.

Skyrim could do with having such a beast as this would put fear into gamers. Skyrim does have dragons of course but these are not the same and you are not frightened of taking one on eventually. After some time the task of killing them does get monotonous.

Its ok when starting out in the game and your control pad shakes as the dragons circle overhead. However after this they do get stale.

If there was something like the Deathclaw in the game then it would be feared and this would add spice to the game suggests the blog. Deathclaws themselves should not be in the next Skyrim DLC of course, but something very much like them. So what do you think about a creature that was this scary in the next DLC which would have you avoid exploring a location altogether?

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