Skyrim: Bethesda Responds To Redguard DLC Questioning

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The next DLC for Elder Scrolls: Skyrim 5 could see players entering into the province of Tamriel, as a trademark seems to suggest that the latest DLC to come from Bethesda may be Redguard.

Skyrim DLC: Redguard questioning gets a response from Bethesda

Redguard, for those who don’t know, is the name given to humans with dark skins from Hammerfell. They are also known for their skills when it comes to swords and for their independence. In Skyrim they drove back the Aldmeri Dominium invasion and left Hammerfell an independent nation.

At the moment three DLCs have been released for Skyrim – these are Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire. Each of these was trademarked by Bethesda before being released and Redguard could continue in the same way.

Today Pete Hines finally responded over Twitter after being hounded by questions about a possible Redguard DLC. He told the fan he doesn’t comment on every rumour that comes up. Now knowing Hine’s past responses, if this rumor was fake he would have gone ahead and dismissed it immediately. However if there is even a hint of truth in it, he will likely give such a response until he gets the green light from Bethesda to say anything more.

Bethesda said in December 2011 that more stuff was on the way. So it looks like it’s just a matter of when and not if there will be new DLCs for Skyrim fans.

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