Skyrim DLC: PS3 Fans Treated To Hidden Dragonborn Message

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There might be good news for owners of the PS3 who have Skyrim and who are waiting to get their hands on Hearthfire and Dawnguard. Dragonborn  is on the way and it could be that problems with DLCs on Skyrim for PS3 have finally been remedied.

Hints of Skyrim PS3 Dragonborn shows up, suggests other DLCs may be right around corner

Dragonborn has started to show up as an expansion pack on file trademarks. There have been sightings of the pack on an update to PC owners of the game. The coded message said “$DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT_PS3 DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT”. This could be an indication that Bethesda has finally got their act together and problems with the PS3 have been sorted out and Dawnguard has been put onto the system too. This caused problems for the delay in Hearthfire.

We have seen codes which relate to other platforms showing up. However we have not seen code for the Xbox 360 and this led some people to wonder if Dragonborn could be an exclusive for owners of the PS3.

This could be by way of an apology for the problems surrounding Dawnguard, however those with the Xbox 360 wouldn’t be amused if Dragonborn turns out to be a PS3 exclusive At the moment Bethesda is not making comments, but why put the code in, in the first place if they aren’t working on something right?

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