Skyrim DLC For PS3: Yay Dragonborn, Nay Dawnguard

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PS3 owners were told to expect some new Skyrim content and now they know that the new content will be the Dragonborn DLC. While the news has been welcomed, some people were hoping that it would be Dawnguard that was coming their way.

Skyrim PS3 DLC: Dragonborn confirmed, Danwguard now looking even less likely

Bethesda have given confirmation through their official blog that Dragonborn will be heading to owners of the PS3 at some time in early 2013.

This confirmation came about as owners of the Xbox 360 were given a reminder that they could start to download Skyrim Dragonborn in just under 24 hours. There has been a great deal of hype about the DLC and it is said to be the most ambitious one from Bethesda yet in the Skyrim series. With developers announcing that the Dragonborn DLC is coming to the PS3 this must mean that issues have been resolved, the full extent of these however has yet to be revealed.

Some PS3 owners are still upset about Dawnguard, or the lack of it to be precise. Others are content with progress that has been made so far; however thanks to the fact that some have spent hundreds of hours on the PS3 version of Skyrim not everyone has the same optimism. One gamer said that they had gone out and bought the Collector’s edition of the PS3 at its launch and they want to know why Bethesda continues to treat PS3 owners badly. Of course not all owners of the PS3 think this way, but many believe that Bethesda should offer them a discount in some form with Dragonborn so as to make up for the lack of DLC for the platform.

Bear in mind that should Dragonborn be the first downloadable content for the PS3, and it looks as though it will be, then we may not see older DLC like Dawnguard coming. After all, if Dawnguard came first then why would it not make its way to the PS3 first? If anything, PS3 users will see new DLC but likely only what comes from Dragonborn onwards. What do you reckon?

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