Skyrim DLC For PS3: Dragonborn Makes It Strike 3!

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As another week passes by fans of the PS3 have yet to hear whether Dragonborn for Skyrim will be coming to their console. Bethesda have said that there will be new content coming, however they haven’t said what this will be. However, they did find the time to say that Dragonborn will be exclusive for the Xbox 360, for the time being at least.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC promised for Xbox 360; PS3 uncertain

Of course in the trailer for Dragonborn only the PS3 was mentioned and the exclusivity has caused quite a stir thanks to the fact that fans thought that only the first two expansions were exclusive to the platform.

Now it seems that the company has gone back on their word, unless of course that Hearthfire didn’t count as being the second pack. However if this had been the case then surely owners of the PC should have been told. Bethesda have kept quiet on the matter and this has caused anger among PC and PS3 fans alike, as all the company had to do was to say whether the Skyrim content was coming for them or not.

Just to clarify, Bethesda has shown off screenshots of Dragonborn on their Elderscrolls website and they have said that it is for the Xbox 360 only. This has caused some concern that it might not make its way to PS3 or PC ever, as surely they would have said “coming first” to Xbox 360 instead right?

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