Skyrim DLC 3 Takes Off with Dawnguard PS3 Version, Hearthfire?

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If you have Skyrim on the PS3 and have been waiting for Dawnguard and Hearthfire to be released, there is good news. Product-Reviews have reported that there is another expansion that goes by the name of Dragonborn and it seems that the problems with DLC have been remedied.

Skyrim DLC 3 takes off with PS3 version of Dawnguard, Hearthfire?

Dragonborn is the new title of the expansion pack for Skyrim and it has shown up on the file trademarks, as did Hearthfire and Dawnguard. There have also been sightings of it on the update to the system for PC owners.

One thing that is worth pointing out that is interesting is a line of code in the 1.8 update beta, this says ‘$DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT_PS3 DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT’. We believe that this means that Bethesda found a way to remedy the hardware problems on the PS3 and have got Dawnguard onto the system. This was the reason Hearthfire was delayed.

Bear in mind that files which are related to other platforms can show up on internal codes for the PC. However what happens to be interesting is the fact that there has not been any code on the Xbox 360 in relation to Dragonborn. Many have therefore said that this could mean that Dragonborn is exclusive to the PS3. This may be in the form of an apology for Dawnguard.

However at the moment there has been no word from Bethesda. Of course that line of code is in there for a reason, however at the moment Bethesda are keeping quiet.

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