Next Skyrim DLC Could Do With A ‘DeathClaw’ (SR)

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Anyone who played Fallout 3 will have come across a beast in the game that is so feared among players thanks to it having deadly claws.

Players would run away instead of meeting it. The beast was called Deathclaws and it brings terror to anyone who comes across it. The blog S&R have been saying that Skyrim should have its own beast and that a monster should arrive in the DLC to follow Dragonborn.

But why might Skyrim need a monster? Well the blog says that there isn’t a creature in Skyrim that is so fearsome that you would do everything you could to get away from it.

Skyrim could do with something like Deathclaw as it would add fear into the game. The developers have dragons in the game; however they are not very scary as you would not think twice about going up to one and fighting it. After some time they are monotonous as you slay them between the breaths you take.

When you first see dragons in the game and your gamepad shakes as they fly over you, you do get a thrill. However after that as you continually fire arrows into them it gets boring.

If you were to come across the Deathclaw you would fear it and try to avoid it. This is not to say that there should be Deathclaws in the game, just something that looks like them. A creature that would make you jump and think twice about investigating a location.  A beast that was strong would bring more to the game.

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