Skyrim DLC 3 Shocker, Dawnguard For PS3 All Over Again

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Bethesda has now unveiled the debut trailer along with the 3rd DLC expansion pack for Skyrim. The title is Dragonborn, but there has been a shock again for owners of the PS3 as it appears that it will not be available for the PS3 and PC when it is first launched reports Product-Reviews.

Skyrim DLC shocker for PS3 fans

Many people thought that Microsoft only had the exclusive rights to the first two packs, Dawnguard and Hearthfire. However Bethesda have only mentioned the Xbox 360 on their website when they confirmed that the content will go live on 4th December and it will cost $20 or 1600 Microsoft points.

Of course this has angered numerous fans of Skyrim and whats even worse is the fact that Bethesda seems to be ignoring any and all questions about the content on other platforms. Instead they have replied to questions on a separate topic altogether. The same applies to comments on Twitter and at the moment nothing has been said by Pete Hines.

Recently there was a hint in the Skyrim beta 1.8 that Dragonborn would be announced for the PS3. So what happened to it? Even if the release wasn’t coming out on the PS3, surely the company behind it should have announced the date when PC players would be getting the game? However instead they have chosen not to say anything at all and people are now seeing this as a negative move.

There have been some negative responses from many fans and it’s not surprising after this latest insult to PS3 fans. Why can’t Bethesda just write a few sentences about this and give fans the answers to the questions they want to know? First why hasn’t the game been announced for PC users and secondly, what happened to Dawnguard for PS3?

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