Skyrim DLC 3 Controversy For PS3 Gives Dawnguard Flashbacks

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Bethesda has now announced the debut trailer and the third in the line-up of expansion packs for Skyrim, by way of Dragonborn. While it didn’t come as any surprise that it wouldn’t be available to owners of the PC when it is first launched, PS3 owners have been shocked to learn that it will not be available to them either.

Skyrim DLC 3 not available for PS3 even after Dawnguard torture

The majority of people thought that Microsoft only had exclusivity with Dawnguard and Hearthfire, the first two. But according to the website of Bethesda, only the Xbox 360 is mentioned for content to go live on 4th December, with a price tag of $20 or 1600 Microsoft Points.

This has left numerous PS3 fans who wanted Skyrim very angry and to make things worse Bethesda are ignoring any questions about the content in relation to it becoming available on other platforms. They have replied to questions on another topic instead. Twitter comments have been the same and Pete Hines is keeping very quiet.

There was a hint on the Skyrim beta 1.8 that Dragonborn would be available for the PS3, so people want to know what happened to it. Even if Bethesda didn’t want to give a release date for the PS3, they could have given a date for the release on the PC. Instead they chose not to say anything at all. This to many has been seen to be a negative move on their part.

Due to this fans have been leaving negative responses, and who can blame them after they have been insulted yet again. So what is stopping Bethesda from just saying a couple of sentences and answer the questions fans are asking? Why hasn’t anything been said about the release date for owners of the PC, and what happened to the release of Dawnguard for PS3?

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