Forget Dawnguard, Skyrim Redguard Kicks Hype Into Overdrive

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Players of Skyrim on the PS3 have learned good news after Bethesda have said that Dawnguard and Hearthfire will be making its way to the console and joining Dragonborn next month. However Bethesda are remaining quiet when it comes to their next expansion pack, which may have the name of Redguard and which should be released very soon if rumors serve true.

Skyrim: Redguard hype begins to overshadow Dawnguard & other DLCs

Pete Hines typically speaks on behalf of Bethesda and he does this through Twitter. He has often felt the misery of PS3 owners as they have waited for the DLCs, but it seems that he has been given a reprieve following the news that Dawnguard will be released.

He recently Tweeted in regards to PS3 owners asking him when Dawnguard would be out. Bethesda had previously said that the content would be out during February. However Hines has now said that they are waiting to hear from Sony US and Europe on an exact date for launch.

So does this means that all three of the DLC packs are about to be released on the PS3? And by “about” we mean as early as February 5th?

Pete has been careful when giving out information and even though PS3 owners have asked that he confirm or deny Redguard he didn’t comment. He said that PS3 owners had now begun to make things up or they were guessing, just to try and entice him into making a comment.

So Hines may not help with the Redguard rumors but there is enough growing speculations behind what the DLC may be to keep the fire burning strong.

Redguard is rumored to be the fourth Skyrim DLC after which we may see one more before there is a Skyrim sequel.

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