Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 DLC: Wheels Are In Motion!

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All Skyrim fans want to know is when Dawnguard and Hearthfire is coming to the PS3. Pete Hines was updating PS3 owners on Twitter, then fell silent. There has been noise just recently, though, with Bethesda confirming that these two missing DLCs will be coming to the PS3 but only after Dragonborn.

Hines is one of the first guys at Bethesda, so his word is reliable. Most of the unofficial news about Skyrim also comes from his Twitter account anyway.

This new tweet from Hines referred to Sandlot. Someone asked him for a PS3 Dawnguard update and he replied to say that there are still some details that needed to be confirmed and sorted. You can interpret that answer how you like, but most people think that it means Dawnguard is coming to the PS3 Skyrim right after Dragonborn as they should be working on it already.

It’s not cast-iron confirmation, just a hint, but surely Hines would have said he knew nothing if Dawnguard wasn’t on its way, yeah?

This tweet may mean that the details of the new PS3 Skyrim DLC are about to come out soon. We wonder if it will just be weeks after Dragonborn which is set for January 2013. As for Hearthfire, Hines is not responding to any Twitter comments asking about it at this time.

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