Silence Falls on Skyrim Dawnguard As PS3 DLC Approaches

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People have been following the problems that have surrounded getting Skyrim Dawnguard onto the PS3 ever since it came out. They have been met with nothing but disappointment, following the investment of hundreds of hours invested on the PS3, with the lucky ones only being able to test on Xbox 360 all the DLC. Throughout this time there has been Tweets by Pete Hines on the subject of Skyrim Dawnguard for the PS3, but suddenly silence has fallen over the past couple of weeks reports Product-Reviews.

Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 chatter comes to a halt

It has all been very quiet recently when it comes to Hines talking about Skyrim Dawnguard Hearthfire and future DLC for the PS3. This could mean just about anything. However many believe that it is a sign that Skyrim DLC is about to be released on the PS3 explains PR. Clues of this have been noticed in the recent 1.8 patch.

What will be interesting is how Skyrim Dawnguard will be released on the PS3. Will it come with the standard price tag or will it be offered as a gift, to make up for the long delay and issues? Fans will be keeping their eyes peeled for the answer to the question over the next few days or weeks.

Of course the silence could be just down to the fact that Hines has moved on from the issues which have surrounded the PS3 and he is hoping that fans of the game will do the same. This however is not likely and Bethesda will have to address the outcome at some point. In PR’s opinion, Skyrim Dawngaurd is coming our way very soon for the PS3.

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