All Goes Hush With Skyrim Dawnguard As PS3 DLC Nears

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Many have been following the numerous issues with PS3 and Skyrim Dawnguard, or rather trying to get it onto the PS3. So far there has been nothing but disappointment after many hundreds of hours invested in the PS3.

Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 DLC chatter dies down: good or bad?

However Pete Hines has been keeping in touch via Twitter on the subject. While this was reassuring, the folks over at Product-Reviews now report that these Tweets have fallen silent over the past weeks.

A hush has descended on the subject, which of course could mean many things. PR points out that this has left everyone wondering whether the PS3 DLC will finally be ready, and if so will it come as a gift to make up for the issues or whether it will have the normal price tag. This is the question that fans now want an answer to.

The silence could of course also mean that Hines has moved away from the Skyrim Danwguard issues of the PS3 and perhaps he is hoping that fans will just do the same. This is unlikely to happen if you ask me and the issue will have to be faced by Bethesda eventually. We think that the silence may be an indication that Skyrim Dawnguard is in fact on its way to the PS3, finally.

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