Skyrim Dawnguard Noise Dies Down As PS3 DLC Approaches

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Owners of the PS3 have been waiting for problems to be fixed so that they can get Skyrim Dawnguard on their PS3. Until now there has been nothing but disappointment as they could only watch lucky ones getting to test DLC on the Xbox 360.

Skyrim Dawnguard chatter suppressed, PS3 DLC near?

Pete Hines kept Tweeting about PS3 Skyrim Dawnguard, however things have gone very quiet in the past two weeks reports Product-Reviews.

Hines has stopped Tweeting about Dawnguard Heathfire, along with DLCs for the future on PS3. There could be many reasons for this of course; however PR is saying that it could mean that Skyrim is getting ready for release on the PS3. There have been some clues about this on the 1.8 patch that was recently seen.

So just how might Skyrim Dawnguard be released on the PS3? It could come with the regular price; however it could be offered for free to make up for all the delays that fans have suffered. For now fans will have to wait for some weeks to come to find out.

Another possibility is Hines could have gone quiet about the issue as the problems surrounding the PS3 have been passed. Maybe he is hoping that fans will do the same and let things die down. However fans are not going to do this and he will have to deal with it at some point.

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