Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Cause For PS3 Mutiny

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The new Skyrim Dawnguard DLC is ace, as many Xbox 360 users will tell you. Skyrim on the PS3 is just as good, but should you trade in your PS3 because you can’t get Dragonborn or Dawnguard onto your console? Product-Reviews says that some gamers are thinking this after waiting for the new DLC for months. They expected it to come out when they bought the game, after all.

No Skyrim Dawnguard DLC has some PS3 users considering mutiny

You might think of trading your PS3 is in a fit of pique, but the blog says that some people have actually have already done it and then bought an Xbox 360 so they can play Dragonborn and Dawnguard on the beloved Skyrim.

I have a PS3, and I want Dawnguard, but I’m keeping my PS3 because it will come to it eventually. There is confirmation of some new content for the PS3, but of course no one knows what this content is – it could be Dragonborn, Dawnguard or Hearthfire.

Some think that the problem is the lack of RAM on the PS3, but this isn’t so, so don’t give your PS3 up over spurious hardware limitations. Other games have been fine with the amount of RAM. You also need to remember that Bethesda are a bit slow to add content to the PS3, and tend to prioritise the Xbox 360 and the PC.

Pete Hines of Bethesda tweeted that he needs to check if he can say anything to the public about Skyrim DLC heading to the PS3, so it seems he needs permission before telling us anything. I’m sure if it wasn’t coming then he could just end our misery right now by telling us.

So are you planning to sack your PS3 off for the Xbox 360 just for the latest Skyrim DLC?

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