Forget Dragonborn, Is This Skyrim 6?

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If patents and trademarks have anything to do with it then the next Skyrim game, Skyrim 6, could be focused on the skilled Redguard warriors from Hammerfell, just of the south western border of Skyrim. Zenimax, the parent company of Bethesda have trademarked the term Redguard however they have not yet filed a Statement of Use.

Is Redguard Skyrim 6?

They are hanging onto it though as they have extended the trademark over the months, with the most recent time being August of 2012. They now have until February of this year to use it or file again for extension. Dilly-dallying on Skyrim 6 doesn’t seem to be a wise thing to do thanks to the rumours of next gen hardware being released at E3. When new consoles are announced this usually means doom for current generation sales so Redguard could turn out to be the new game for fans on the Xbox 720 and PS4 eventually.

This is by no means the first Redguard game that Bethesda has put together. They did release a 3rd person spin off entitled The Elder Scrolls Adventure: Redguard, back in 1998.

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