Skyrim 6 On Hold Until “Adventures In Hammerfell” DLC Sees Spring Release?

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Bethesda could release the new Skyrim DLC in a few months. They have trademarked the name Redguard and this quickly got people talking online. Pete Hines was on Twitter and he answered some questions about the possible release date for Redguard.

There is nothing to say that the DLC will be called Redguard, however if you look at the history of Bethesda you will see that in the past they have trademarked titles and then released these as DLCs. This means that we could see Redguard released by spring if it was to follow Dragonborn. This came out in December.

News about the DLC is very sparse at the moment, but this has not put a stop to fans of the game talking about it on Twitter. Bethesda publisher Pete Hines responded to rumours and what he said may not please everyone.

He said “We haven’t announced one nor said we are doing one.”

Hines said “We haven’t announced one nor said we are doing one.”

He then responded to another fan by saying “@LShankley just the three [DLCs] you know of. No other dlc has been announced for Skyrim.”

Pete Hines isn’t saying a great deal at the moment about Redguard along with the release of it. This however doesn’t mean that people don’t know much about the DLC.

The Xbox 360: The Official Xbox Magazine revealed rumours about the release date of Redguard. They said that Bethesda has said that Redguard was “downloadable computer game software offered via the Internet and wireless devices.” They went on to say that this was enough proof.

They went on to say that Redguard would see players’ heading to Hammerfell as this is home to the Redguards and these are warlike and proud people. He said” You may already know from playing Skyrim that the Redguards are the fiercest warriors around. They also hate wizards and most types of magic. Xbox Magazine notes that the warrior tribe is “”reportedly skilled in the use of Destruction magic, the latter aren’t big fans of wizards in general — they regard any combat art that doesn’t deal out punishment directly as dangerously effete.”

Some people have said that the release date for Redguard could be just a rumour. The name may have been trademarked so as to put a stop to others using it.

If you look into the release date history you will see that Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard have been trademarked and have then gone on to be a DLC.

Bethesda hasn’t trademarked the rest of the races of Elder Scrolls, the places or the factions.

Gamers have been talking about when Redguard could be revealed. Xbox magazine said that the expansion location may be Dragonstar as this is where the Nords and Redguards live.

“According to the Elder Scrolls wiki, the city is (or at least, was) a hotbed of political contention, chopped up Berlin-Wall-style between the Nords and Redguards in the aftermath of a long-ceased war. Visit the site today (you’ll need access to a PC version and mod tools) and you’ll find only an oddly featureless, geometry-less stretch of land dotted with pine trees. Going on technological insight that I absolutely don’t have, this would seem a good foundation for an add-on: the less extant landscape there is to wrangle with, surely, the easier new assets are to install.

An expansion set partly or entirely within Dragonstar would be an interesting experience, thanks to the aforesaid rocky local politics, but after playing Dragonborn, I suspect the bulk of the pack may once again take place off-shore. Bethesda’s decision to revisit the isle of Solstheim in the most recent expansion was a stroke of genius… Skyrim’s expansions could serve as a means of publicising the game’s wider universe prior to the launch of the continent-spanning Elder Scrolls Online.”

Anyone who likes Elder Scrolls will perhaps remember that the DLC that was thought to be coming out had been linked with a title that was released before. Those who play Skyrim will know about the Ebony Warrior who is a Redguard and this happened to be one of the most difficult of all enemies to beat.

So will the next DLC be Redguard and do you think that it will take place in Hammerfell or Dragonstar?

Check out the Twitter comments below from fans of the game.

“I don’t actually think Redguard is gonna be a DLC. I’m actually betting on a HD remake,” tweeted @Jay_in_a_boat.

“Oh what is this? New Skyrim dlc rumored to be called Redguard? ADVENTURES IN HAMMERFELL,” tweeted @GrandDukePain .

“Next Skyrim DLC. Redguard,” tweeted Paulo Liwanag .

“@DCDeacon will PS3 users be getting any more DLC’s in the future? and is there a new DLC in the workings as rumours are about a DLC redguard?” tweeted Rhys Davies .

“I wonder if the next DLC for Skyrim is Redguard and u get to explore in Hammerfell,” tweeted @PROMINER54 .

“So how do you feel about the rumours or Redguard dlc for Skyrim?” tweeted Kyle Shanks.

“Next Skyrim DLC called Redguard?” tweeted IGN.

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