You’ve Never Seen Skyrim Unless You’ve Seen It Like This!

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Over the past few weeks, Skyrim hype over the upcoming release of Dragonborn release for the PS3 as well as rumors of a supposed Redguard DLC coming soon have swarmed the web.

Skyrim & Battlefield 3 in 4K HDTV glory

In addition to this, we’re hearing talks of a Skyrim 6 being under development for the Xbox 720 and PS4. At the same time, PC fans are getting generous mods such as dragons and scenery updates which add even more detail to these graphics.

Well all that comes just in time as over at CES we got a glimpse of the next-generation of HD TVs and in particular the 4K TV. PCGamesHardware has shown off what Skyrim looks like running at 4096×2160 resolution i.e. on a 4K TV. As you can imagine, the level of detail is mesmerising and the boost it has received will never make you look at Skyrim in a whole new way.

So if you have a HD monitor you might want to check out the videos here. In addition to Skyrim there is also a Battlefield 3 4K TV demo. How I wish I didn’t by that 3DTV over the holidays!

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