Skyrim 2 Ready For Spotlight As Last DLC Ready Apparently

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With Fallout being a major success already, the next big game from Bethesda is expected to be none other than Elder Scrolls 6 a.k.a Skyrim 2.

With rumors pointing to a Skyrim sequel, Elder Scrolls fans are wondering when would be the potential release date for the game. Word on the street now is that it will likely be right after the Fallout 4 DLC that we’ve been hearing about so much as apparently all hands are on the DLC to be pushed out and then only focusing any marketing efforts on the next game.

So what can we expect from Bethesda now? If anything, any indication of the release date of the Fallout 4 DLC will give us some information by which we should be able to gauge the Skyrim 2 release. For instance, if this DLC is scheduled for only late this year then we can safely assume that an Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t happening until we are well into 2017.

All we are hoping for is that they don’t split the franchise since many folks are saying it will be a Skyrim 2. The studio is already quite slow when it comes to rolling out titles so the last thing we would need is for them to have more game releases queuing.

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