Skype App: Why Does Android Version Suck More Than iPhone… Battery Life That Is

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While Skype will soon be natively integrated into Windows Phone 8 devices like the Nokia Lumia 920, it will remain a strong favorite on the iPhone and Android phones as always.

Skype app: Android vs iPhone & Windows Phone

Unfortunately, if you have used the Android version of the Skype app then you will notice how big of a battery drain it is if you remain signed in. This isn’t the case for the iPhone version strangely. So why is that?

Simply put, the Skype Android app doesn’t use a push service like the iPhone and Windows Phone version. Hence it is constantly connected and checking for messages. We recently contacted Skype about this and they have informed us that they are working on it.

We can assume that this means an update is in the works to bring a push service to the Android version of the Skype app. And judging from their response, there may be some  aesthetics concerns that will be addressed alongside it. So if you’re a Skype Android user, hang in there and don’t jump platforms just yet.

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