Sky: Children Of The Light New Patch Will Bring New Event

Sky: Children of the Light current season will be ending in two weeks’ time and the developers are making sure the season will end with a bang as they offer up another patch for the game.

The new patch will not only fix up some of the bugs the game currently have but it will also come with a few new bonus events. It was announced that Forgotten Ark, the sixth and final quest will be released on the 11th of June so players can complete the season and see the ending instead of making to unlock all seasonal cosmetic to see it.

From the 10th of June until the 14th of June, there will also be a new Days of Rainbow event. These bonus events will help players get more seasonal candles which would then allow them to complete the seasonal cosmetic before the season ends.

You can also check out the full patch notes to see what other bugs the patch will be fixing.