Skull And Bones More Than Just Another Multiplayer Game

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While we do like to jump in and have some fun player multiplayer online game, there are times when we would just like to take things easy to explore the world and experienced the story.

When the Skull and Bones game was announced, the first thing that the developer showed off was the Multiplayer gameplay. As amazing as it looked, fans were hoping that the game would also come with a single player mode.

The developer later confirms that the game will come with a single player mode but they did not reveal what kind of single player mode it is until now. According to Ubisoft, the game will come with a narrative campaign which will be integrated into the game and it will not be something that is totally unrelated to the multiplayer experience.

Players will get to see some of the iconic characters and rival pirates in the single player mode. The new game will be arriving next year on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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