Skoda UK Offers Free Wheel Check-Ups To Customers

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Skoda drivers in the UK are about to get some fine treatment for their wheels; though it’s only available at selected outlets. And more importantly, it’s free. What customers can expect out of this free check-up is that the technicians would be examining potential wire, wheel and suspension damage, as well as alignment.

Since it’s sometimes relatively difficult to spot a damage occurring around those wheels, some customers tend to get away with it because they would be thinking that the cars had come out fine. Besides a free check-up, Skoda would also be offering spare wheels (complimentary), complete with tool kits as part of their accessories range (costs you about £168).

If you’re wondering how long this check-up usually takes, it’s no longer than 30 minutes, so you’ll be rest assured that your Skoda vehicle would be under safe hands undergoing the ‘all around the wheel’ check-up. Do contact your nearest local dealers if you’d like to get your Skoda checked up, or serviced, whichever goes with your liking.

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