Siri Is Looking For Scott Forstall, Unplug The Routers!

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By now it is common knowledge that there was a recent shake up of management over at Apple. The Cupertino based company had let go of two big members under Tim Cook.

Apple lets go of Scott Forstall, Jony Ive takes place

We’re talking about the Scott Forstall and John Browett. The media is of course focusing on Forstall as he was in charge of iOS and its design which you either love or simply can’t stand.

Forstall however wasn’t canned for the design of iOS but supposedly because of Apple Maps. The Maps app which replaced Google Maps has encountered a lot of negative criticism and Forstall apparently was asked to apologize for it. He supposedly didn’t.

Of course Apple Maps isn’t one of Forstall’s most controversial creations, there is also Siri. Siri has been considered to be a great personal assitant by some iPhone fans while others think it is nothing more than a gimmick for novelty purposes.

Do you think Tim Cook was right in letting go of Scott Forstall? Will he be missed by anyone other than Siri? Check out this funny little JoyOfTech comic below that pokes fun at the recent Apple shake up.



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