iPhone 4S: Why So Sirious?

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The iPhone 4S is the only Apple device with Siri officially at the moment and this is going to change with the release of the iPhone 5. But is Siri ready?

Despite the popularity of Siri on the Apple devices, it has been suffering a bit as many who own the iPhone 4S have been complaining about the feature. One particular user is Nick Bilton of The New York Times, who lists the problems he has found with Siri. These include that the feature often does not understand statements, answers with the same wrong statement, and sometimes it is unavailable. These are complaints that have come up time and time again with users.

Siri on iPhone 4S

People are starting to see Siri as just a novelty feature who can only perform very few useful functions. Those who use dictation for e-mails and texts have said that it can take more time correcting the dictation than it would have taking to type in the first place. Some defend Siri by saying it is in beta and therefore will improve, however currently it clearly has problems which begs the question; why would Apple continue to market something in such an intense fashion when it doesn’t actually work, and when others may do it better?

In the article, Bilton mentions Google Voice Search which can be found in the latest Android update by Google, and he states that it seems to work in a much more useful way; it may not be able to make witty jokes, but it can answer the questions you actually need an answer to.

However even whilst other voice apps are improving, Siri will improve too as time goes on so the competition is on. Microsoft has been known to spend high amounts of money in order to compete more effectively with Apple and Google, whilst Research In Motion have less money but more desperation as BlackBerry rapidly goes down in popularity.

Hopefully the competition will give Apple the kick it needs to improve Siri.

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