Silent Hills’ P.T Will Be Coming To PC?

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Despite all the positive response that the Silent Hills’ P.T got when it was first released, the game that was supposed to follow the trailer was canceled but it looks like the fans are not ready to let it go yet as some of them are still playing around with it. In fact, some people are even working on a PC version of the trailer for the PC users.

Qimsar, a Reddit user posted their V0.9 build of the Silent Hills’ P.T for PC. He added that they used almost 100% of the original assets which means the game will be pretty accurate to the PS4 version.

The demo is fully playable but he did also add that the playable trailer is still in its early stages so there might be some glitches and issues. Qimsar is welcoming feedback from the community and they are also looking for animators who would like to help make it better.

You can check it out here.

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