Silent Hills P.T: Take A Stroll Into The Town

Silent Hill might not happen anymore but the P.T that was released to hype up the game continues to fascinate the fans with the latest news showing what the town of Silent Hill is like.

In the final cutscene of the demo, we saw Norman Reedus character running into the town and now, a game hacker called Lance McDonald has found a way to talk into that town. This is the same hacker that revealed that Lisa is behind you always and that we are playing as Norman Reedus but his latest hacking has managed to connect the doorway to the town.

Of course, since the town was not made for players to walk on, players will fall through the ground immediately after you enter it and the interesting part is that the developers did account for that and makes Lisa appear when you fall through.

The hacker did manage to make the character float which means he could explore the town area as, please. You can check out the video below.