Silent Hills Not Going To Happen?

After Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills was canceled a few years ago, fans have been talking about the possibility of Konami picking the game back up and working on it.

Some people have used Kojima’s tweet to speculate that a revival is happening. As exciting as that is, it looks like Konami is done with Silent Hill for now as the company responded saying that they are aware of the rumors going on but they can confirm now that they are not true.

It was added that while it might not be the answer fans are looking for, it is the truth. of course, the fans are not going to give up just yet with some saying that this does not count as it was from the US branch and not the Japan branch. Others are saying that if there are talks about the game, Konami would not just announce it.

Even after so many years, the playable demo for Silent Hills created by Hideo Kojima is still named as one of the best horror games and fans are still finding hidden secrets in the demo like the one where Lisa is actually always behind the player.