Silent Hill P.T Gave Kojima A Scare

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Silent Hill P.T may have just been a short demonstration but for fans of horror games it certainly made a huge impression that has remained in their minds. Many fans have said that it is the best horror game, even though it was a short demo.

You have to admit that Silent Hill P.T was frightening and it may have given Kojima a scare and it could be the reason why the next game to come from them isn’t going to be a horror game. The developer told IGN recently that he wanted to move away from making horror games as they frightened him.

Kojima said that making horror games gives him nightmares and that he is easily scared. On that point he also said that he knows what is scary. But what does this mean for the future, is Kojima not making horror games at all or is he taking a break? Fans are hoping that he will come up with a game along the lines of Silent Hill but we are going to have to wait to find out.

Would you like Kojima to continue making horror games that make you jump out of your skin?