Should You Go With the Microsoft Surface 5 or The Pro 4?

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The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 along with the Microsoft Surface Book has both gathered a great deal of attention in the market. However people have been talking about what the Surface 5 might bring when it arrives.

It was said that the Microsoft Surface 5 may be better than the version that came before it. People have been giving the stylus a lot of attention as it is going to be rechargeable and have a magnetic connection.

However others have said that if the only update is the stylus then they will not make the update from the Surface Pro 4. The latter offers a stylus but it isn’t rechargeable.

But what do you think? Should you go for the Microsoft Surface 5 or stick with the Surface 4?

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  1. P. Miller

    April 20, 2016 at 9:22 am

    I bought a Surface Pro 4 on a hunch that it would be great sometime in the last quarter of 2015. I think it is a good unit but not without problems. I had to replace it two months ago – told it was a screen failure. But the supplier did this immediately at no cost to me – other than losing data. The thing that bugs me is this second unit goes berserk sometimes, it starts opening and closing windows wildly without warning, and I don’t know why. I can eventually have it stop doing this but then I have to regroup and get back to what I was doing. And one time it began making this God-awful noise, all of a sudden, which was quite frightening, and I couldn’t turn it off. The screen turned to look like the ant races on an old TV set. I can’t remember how I turned the unit off as I was trying everything during this unharmonious and loud symphony to try to turn the dang thing off, but somehow it shut down. When it finally stopped making all of the racket and the unit was off, I started the laptop up again and it has been fine since (two weeks ago). Besides these pretty remarkable and unfavorable events – I still have it and use it every day, and hope that these problems will scab over and start being as reliable as all of my older units that I’ve owned over the past 35 years. The reason that I still don’t operate them is that the screens cracked or broke somehow or another. Some never gave me problems but simply were outdated by speed. These new products are very apprehensive to buy to me. Obviously they aren’t tested enough. I feel like an alternative is to go back to the PCs like Dell and Macs and other units that did not have problems – but weren’t too cool to have. I probably won’t but, any more trouble and I will go back to the old reliable. Hope I haven’t hurt anyone’s feelings. This just is one man’s experience with the Surface Pro 4.