Should The Subaru STI Have The All New Label?

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Subaru has posted some big profits over the past few years; however this hasn’t stopped the car maker from putting cost costing measures into play.

Subaru keeps on putting the same old engine into the Subaru STI each year and this does help with cutting down on costs. Rumors are suggesting that Subaru isn’t going to stop doing this anytime in the near future either.

It has been said that the new version of the Subaru STi is going to have the FA20DIT but we can expect a bigger turbo, fuel pump and injectors. This means that basically the vehicle is going to still have the same engine with some additional supplements to help it with power.

If this proves to be correct then the Subaru STi is going to offer up 350 horses along with 370 of torque and this would be a step in the right direction even though the FA20DIT engine is old. So perhaps the vehicle should not have the all new label attached to it.