Should The Alfa Romeo 4C Be Forgotten?

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There are not that many vehicles in the automotive world that can be described as being a work of art, but this is what the Alfa Romeo 4C is said to be. The vehicle comes with a design that is unique, its lightweight and it comes with plenty of power. So now that Alfa Romeo has come back to the US, are they going to be offering up a next generation 4C or should we just forget about it?

If you can go on the latest reports the answer seems to be no they are not going to offer up a next generation Alfa Romeo 4C. This may be down to the fact that while the vehicle is a work of art, it didn’t perform all that well in sales. The high price tag seemed to put off a lot of buyers.

The first generation Alfa Romeo 4C sold only 309 units in the US and this makes it among the worst selling production vehicles. This is something that the car maker isn’t going to want to repeat a second time around.

There are some fans of the Alfa Romeo 4C who would like to see a successor come our way. They hope that the car maker would go with an aluminum design, so that the vehicle was light and cheaper to buy.

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