Shenmue III Pulling A Mass Effect On Us

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The Mass Effect: Andromeda was ridiculed when it was first released mainly because of the soulless AI in the game but it looks like Shenmue III might also be heading down that path if the new trailer is any indication.

The developer has just released the new teaser for Shenmue III and while the teaser started out related with views of the Chinese mountains and villages and beautiful music, it all change when Ryo turn up.

Instead of looking polish and well, alive, the Ryo in the teaser looked dead. Soulless eyes and expression less face. This was definitely not what the fans were expecting to see when they click on the teaser.

Of course, the game will probably look way better than the teaser but to think that the developer would feel that this is good enough to be the first ever teaser for Shenmue III.

You can watch the teaser for yourself below and tell us what you think of it.

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