Shenmue III Dead Expression Fixed

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The world was ready for a new Shenmue game so when Ys Net released a new trailer for the upcoming game, everybody was scrambling to see what they can get out of the trailer.

While the trailer did have a few interesting detail, what caught the attention of the fans was the expressionless Ryo in the trailer. The protagonist looked lifeless and emotionless, far from what we were expecting from the game. Of course, the fans quickly brought it up and Ys Net has since responded to all their complaints.

According to Yu Suzuki, the Director of the game, the character seen was just a temporary character and that the animation has been fixed. It is nice to know that the dead looking Ryo won’t make it to the final game. They added that the teaser was just to remind their fans that the game is being made but it was not released to show their fans how far they are with the game.

You can check out the video below.

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