Shadow of War: Say Goodbye To Microtransactions

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Although Monolith made it clear from the start that microtransaction will be a part of the game, it does not mean that the fans are happy to see it. Now, after being around for some time, Monolith has agreed to remove all traces of the in-game market from the game.

With the removal of micro transmission, the Orcs previously recruited through Online Vendettas or Ranked Conquest will be unlocked via Garrison. PLayers can still train, upgrade and customize them but that will be unlocked with in-game Mirian.

This is good news for the fans but some of them think that Monolith moves to remove it was because nobody was really paying money and it was not doing the game any good. Whatever their reasons are, we are happy.

Besides that, players will also have new ways to customize their characters. There is also a new prestige skill and follower level cap has been increased to 80. You can read more about the updates on their website.

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