Shadow Of War: Renewed Hope For ‘Nemesis’ System!

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If you wanted to bring back your old nemesis from Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor in Shadow of War there is good news as there is renewed hope.

The creative vice president of Monolith Productions was being interviewed and it came up about the possibility of being able to transfer saved games between the two games so that gamers could keep some characters they had grown fond of.

This caught him by surprise and he admitted that he didn’t know what he was allowed to say about that. He then took off to consult with a representative and came back to say that he wasn’t saying anything it at this time. While this wasn’t a yes, it certainly wasn’t a no either.

If the answer was going to be no then they wouldn’t have anything to hide and there wouldn’t be any reason why they should handle it as carefully as they did when it was brought up. Shadow of War is the follow up game to Shadow of Mordor, in case you didn’t know. It is going to get players even more involved in the procedurally generated elements of the story. A good first step would be to allow gamers to access some familiar faces.

There is a minor issue though and this is that the battle at the end of the first game sees Tailon going up against an army that is led by whichever or the orcs became his nemesis. You cannot get to the end until you have killed him dead. Of course also bear in mind that orcs do often come back to life when they seem to be dead and there is no reason this cannot happen in Shadow of War.

But would you like to be able to bring back characters in Shadow of War?

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