Shadow Of War Isn’t More Of The Same Action

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Fans of Shadow of Mordor have been waiting to hear news about a follow up game. Shadow of War was then announced and some people have said that it will be nothing more than the same thing from the first game. However now we believe that this isn’t going to be so.

Shadow of Mordor caused a stir when it arrived thanks to the Nemesis system which brought fun action combat to the game. It won the best action game for the year from Game Informer. Last week the sequel was announced and this is Shadow of War and it picks up from where the first game left off.

Now the Dark Lord Saurons power has grown stronger and he has gathered his army. You climb back into the shoes of Celebrimbor and Talion and try to get Mordor to turn against the dark lord. The game is coming out on 22 August and today we have seen what happens to be the first substantial gameplay from the game.

It seems that Monolith is making improvements to the foundation that was set and the Nemesis system will be enhanced. This means we can expect bigger and a more epic scale for battles.

The sequel is going to be different though to the first game and an example was given about your followers being more involved in the action and each having a special moment in which they shine when fighting. In the demo of the game you get to see some close calls where you are about to die and then at the last minute one of your followers comes to save you.

Being able to create stories involving rivalry, friendship and betrayal are going to be big this time around in Shadow of War. There will also be more options when it comes to building up an army. Fortresses can be upgraded as you move throughout the game and defences can be improved so that you can withstand counterattacks.

So are you looking forward to what new is coming your way with Shadow of War?

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