Shadow Of The Tomb Raider: First Taste Of It

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We already knew that Tomb Raider was going to get another game. After the success of the last game, we would be surprised if the developer decided not to offer it. We also knew that it would be called the Shadow of the Tomb Raider but what we did not know was the plot and content of the game but we might have some clues now.

The Tomb Raider website was just updated by Square Enix. Besides offering us a new teaser, Square Enix also stated that this game will be the final game for the Lara Croft trilogy. The teaser offers us bits and pieces of the game but not enough to reveal anything substantial about the game.

The good news is, unlike the last game, the Xbox One will not be getting any special treatment this time around as it was confirmed that all platform would be getting the game at the same time.

More details will be revealed on the 27th of April. Watch the teaser below and see if you can make more out of it.

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