Shadow Of Mordor 2 May Seen Mordor Expanding

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Shadow of Mordor was a big hit with gamers but they were never allowed to venture outside of Mordor. This may change when Shadow of Mordor 2 comes out as there could be expansion outside of Mordor.

While Shadow of Mordor hasn’t been confirmed there are many gamers who think that it is only a matter of time before it does happen. The developer behind the game hasn’t given confirmation but then they also haven’t denied they will make a second game.

One thing that people want with Shadow of Mordor 2 is expansion to the features and this includes the Nemesis system. They would like to see a more complex system in the second game. Of course they also want to be able to venture outside of Mordor into the surrounding land.

What would you like to see in Shadow of Mordor 2 if and when it does get developed?