Shadow Of Mordor 2 Answers Only Couple Of Weeks Away

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Monolith hasn’t given confirmation that they are developing Shadow of Mordor 2 but there are many fans who believe that they are. Some people even said that the end of the first game means that there is going to be a sequel, while other fans referred to a leak as being proof that the sequel is in fact being developed.

With no confirmation or new about Shadow of Mordor 2 it is hard to believe that the game has been under development. You would have thought that if this had been the case we would have heard rumors at least.

Well now it looks as though we could be getting some answers as Warner Bros are preparing to make an announcement very soon. They have revealed a poster already that says they are going to be making an announcement on March 8.

Only the date was mentioned so right now we still don’t know if this is about Shadow Of Mordor 2, but fans think that the logo design may suggest that it is.

But what do you think, is the announcement going to be about Shadow of Mordor 2?

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