Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice Can Be Played With Others Now

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice was release as a single-player game much to the disappointment of some fans and while the developer has made it clear that they do not want to offer a multiplayer option, players can still experience that thanks to the new mod.

Luke Yui has developed a new mod for the game called Sekiro Online that will allow six players to play the game together. With this game, the combat is not just slashing your way through as you will need to find the right timing to dodge and strike to break the enemies’ posture but with more players, you don’t really have to bother much with that.

Players can choose to take on other players or have friends join them on the journey. All players will need to have the mod installed. Currently, the mod is only available on Steam and according to Yui, he does not have plans to offer the mod outside of Steam.

Of course, it being a new mod, there is still a lot of issues that need to be iron out.