SEGA Taking 2020 Very Seriously

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SEGA was huge in the past but there were getting outshone by the other developers in recent years. Their new plan to climb back to the top by 2020 were met with skepticism at first but it looks like SEGA is not going to give up and things are certainly looking a lot more interesting now.

In the latest financial call, SEGA explained how they plan to make it to the top by 2020 and that includes bringing back some major IPs. According to the reports, SEGA plans to expand the existing IPs they have with Packaged Games Field and also come out with new IPs for both Packaged Games Field and Digital Games Field.

They also mention that they are looking to revive some of the major IP although they did not specify what IPs will make the cut. Fans were hoping that games like Shining Force would make the cut but since that game was not a major SEGA game, we think the chances of that happening is pretty slim.

What game would you like to see?

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