Sea of Thieves: Not Smooth Sailing From The Start

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After all the hype, the game Sea of Thieves is finally here but some players have already started reporting issues that they are having with the game.

Some player was having trouble getting online to play the game while others are seeing an error code called CinnamonBeard. Rare has responded to the issue stating that it is a sever capacity issue which means the demand is too much for the servers right now.

Rare later announce that they are suspending new players from joining the game while they work on the issue. We do not know when this will be resolved but at least they are working on it now.

Some of the issues that players were experiencing include the missing items, gold, and clothing or that they were not given the rewards when they complete a quest. They are also working on this but before they find a fix for it, they are advising players to exit to Main Menu and matchmake back into the game. Players might have to do this a few times.

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