Screw iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Rocks

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The iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are two great devices, but which would you rather have?

One iPhone owner was recently talking on Reddit and they said that they had moved from the iPhone 6, which they had owned for more than eighteen months, to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. They found that the S7 rocks over the iPhone and they would stick with the handset.

When that person bought the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge they had gone into the store with the intention of purchasing the 6S. However, they compared the display of the iPhone 6S with that of the Galaxy S7 Edge and found that it was a lot crisper. The iPhone also felt smaller in comparison.

One of the things they liked best was the battery of the handset, which would last for around a full day and a full charge takes just 2 hours at the most. This is a big improvement over the iPhone 6.

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is also better than that of the iPhone and a big improvement. The build of the handset is also of excellent quality and overall the device feels premium. The support for microSD is also great.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge offers some great apps, including the S Health app, while the fingerprint scanner is another great addition.

About the only thing that was missing was iOS, along with Alien Blue and the emojies are not as good as those on iOS.

So all in all the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is better than the iPhone 6, at least for one user, you can check what others think here.

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