Scalebound For Project Scorpio Back On The Table?

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A lot of fans were disappointed when Microsoft announced that they will be canceling Scalebound. While the materials we have seen before the cancellation had its issue, overall, we all could see the potential of the game and we were really hoping that Microsoft could get it to work. However, they ended up canceling the game.

While Microsoft could not be clearer with their decision, some fans think that the game might be on its way back after it was spotted that Microsoft was granted an extension on their trademark for Scalebound.

Some fans believe that this could be a sign that Microsoft has not given up on the game yet and is looking for ways to make it happen. As much as we would like that to be true, we think that Microsoft did the extension so that they can protect their property and not have somebody come in and take Scalebound away from them.

At this point, we don’t think Scalebound is ever going to be a thing but as long as Microsoft has the trademark for the game, fans will continue to hope.

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