Samsung May Reveal Futuristic AR And VR

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Samsung is set to reveal four augmented and virtual reality projects at the MWC in Barcelona. This is from the Creative Labs program from Samsung where the company give employees time off work to work on their own innovative ideas.

One of the four projects has the name of Relumino and it is a visual aid application for Gear VR. This helps those who are visually impaired to watch TV and read, with what is said to be new levels of clarity. This is made possible by enhancing visuals along with correcting and repositioning images that sufferers of metamorphopsia find distorted.

The second of the projects is Monitorless and this focuses on a pair of glasses that may replace the PC and smartphone monitors. It allows users to access work applications and play games. The feature has the option of a VR mode and augmented reality mode.

VuildUs is another project and this is an aid for home furnishing thanks to an app with a 360 degree depth camera that can help to create a VR version of your home. This means that you could furnish it virtually and this does away with the need for having to measure space. You can even buy furniture from within the app for your home.

TraVRer is a 360 degree video platform with an app that means you can visit tourist spots from around the world from the comfort of your arm chair. You check out the projects in the video below.

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