Samsung Isn’t Going To Beat Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was said to be the way forward for the phone maker but then they had to recall the handset. The Galaxy Note 5 didn’t offer up performance that was great, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was spot on and has been the best in the Note series. Samsung are going to have to come up with something special if they want to beat it.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may be two years old now but it is still in high demand. So is the Note 4 one of the best handsets that the company has ever built and will they ever be able to match it?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 came to the market with just about every feature that you could want from a smartphone. It had a fast processor, a superb QHD display, great camera, 3GB of RAM and the quad core Snapdragon 805.

It also boasted wireless along with quick charging and it came with a fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor. It arrived with features that you would generally only find on a premium device and of course it offered up the S Pen stylus.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 had expandable storage and a battery that could be removed, which was something that people wanted. All in all it really couldn’t have offered anymore and it managed to hold its own alongside the iPhone 6, launched at the same time.

So what do you think, will Samsung ever be able to pull another device from their hat? Will they come up with a handset that can beat the Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

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