Samsung Knows More About iPhone 7 Than Most Apple Execs

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 will launch a good few months before the iPhone 7. And as expected both phones will be very closely compared with one another by critics and fans.

With that said, it is naturally very important that both manufacturers keep their cards as close to one another until their devices are already on store shelves.

While we can see the Samsung Galaxy S7 is already showing up on benchmark tests, word on the street is that Samsung already knows what Apple is cooking up.

Today ETNews Korea reported that Samsung will be supplying the OLED display for the iPhone 7 and that production had already started earlier this month. This is in addition to the past couple of years where Samsung has been known to be supplying components for Apple products in particular the Apple A9 CPU and recently the Snapdragon 820.

With Samsung being able to deduce the screen size and processor they would be able to calculate the approximate battery capacity and RAM as well that will likely go in with the device. That coupled with the design direction (which the Samsung Galaxy S6 is quite similar to) gives Samsung a lot of information on what exactly the iPhone 7 will be.

With the Samsung Galaxy S7 expected to be revealed later next month, we won’t be surprised if it is a measure of what we can expect the iPhone 7 specs to be like albeit maybe slightly lower than the S7.

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